Watchmen Training Center is where we teach members the way of the Watchmen

Once they have graduated from our program they will:

  • Become a better person
  • Making better life choices
  • Stand up for themselves and others
  • Acting with righteous and fairness
  • Become a healthier person
  • Be more conscious of about themselves and society
  • Become a successful person
  • Become more useful to society
  • Become a positive influence to the community
  • Stop bullying
  • Stop crimes
  • Stop drug and clean up the community
  • Stop pure pressure
  • Stop poor thinking
  • Stop criminal like behavior

We are anti-drug, anti-crime, anti-bully, anti-violent, anti-cruelty, and anti-pollution.

We are working on developing different programs to make this happen. We have a long way to go. We can only take one step at a time.

Currently, we are offering FREE training to kids and young adults self-defense, martial art, fitness, and guidance

Our current 1000 square feet Watchmen Training Center is about to reach its maximum capacity and is not able to handle much more members.

We need to build a new training facility to be able to handle our new project “The 100 Watchmen Project

The 100 Watchmen Project is a program that recruits and train at least 100 students from each school around in Des Moines, IA area to become a member of the Watchmen.

Through our actions and practices, we will help to improve individual health, reduce incidents of bullying, suicide rates, and crime rates thereby creating a stronger and better community and society.

The Theory: Society will be defined by the majority. The 100 Watchmen Project will be the majority group in more school system. They will influence the rest of the student in the school to do good and to become a better person. We want to make sure each kid will be able to stand up for themselves and others, to be healthier, more successful, righteous, respectful and a useful person to our society.

Bullying in school will soon come to an end once we get The 100 Watchmen Project established.

We are raising more money to build our 2nd Watchmen Training center. It will be a full training facility that will offer the capacity to fit our programs.

Self Defense/Combative/Martial art rooms
Fitness/cross fit/Weight Room
Live Surveillance monitor room
Meeting/Lecturing room: Ethic/moral/principal and how to build a better society
Offices for volunteer and employees
We are creating a profile for each Watchmen. In order to help them develop a better future, we must know what was and is going on with each and every one of them. We focus on turn each member into a successful individual and be more useful to our community and our world.

This will be the first and only full training facility in the world with the purpose of watching over humanity and rebuild our world.

Once we have everything smoothly operated we will replicate the Watchmen Training Center to every city throughout the nation and the world.

We have much work to do.

Your support is very important to us and to our society. Be patient, soon there will be a Watchmen Training Center available in your area.

One thing to remember, we are all in this together.

Help Us Now

Fox Tax Service announced will donate all profit to Watchmen this year.



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