Supporting the Community

June 2017, The founder used his lifesaving to build and run a Watchmen Training Center, provide FREE guidance and training to youth in stop bullying,  build self-confidence, self-defense, martial art, conflict resolution, character building, and anti crimes, violent, and drug.

With a vision, a lot of guts and determination he alone gets it started, then slowly he was fortunate to find enough volunteers to help out.  Together, we teach youth to stop bullying, self-discipline, increase self-esteem, and character building by learning the way of the Watchmen. Stand up for what is right and for each other. Take action when there is something wrong, don’t be a bystander.

We have over 300 underprivileged kids signed up in the last 18 months, free of charge. Lokus Ngo funded over 95% of the operation himself. We occasionally have some support from the community. We will make sure Watchmen a successful project at all cost.

What does the community say about us?

Recently, we partner up with the Des Moines Public School. We are now running a Watchmen club inside the public school. They wanted the Watchmen to help discipline their kids and focus on stop bullying(1 of 3 students are bullies and 3 of 4 students a victim of bullies, every day 160,000 kid in the nation missed school due to bullying). Helping them teaching youth the way of the Watchmen. We will continue to work on setting up more Watchmen Club in Des Moines Public School in the coming months(we get access to 33,000 students).

But that not it! We see the physical training along with advice/guidance is not enough. We need to support the youth and the community in other aspects.

October 1st, 2018, we just leased another location and now providing food pantry to the community and are working on after-school programs.

However, we see that providing food to the community alone is not doing anyone any good for the long term. We can feed them today, tomorrow but every day of their life.? What is the purpose of that? We will never build a strong community if someone comes to take the food and go. There is no connection here.  we don’t want to do things with no greater purposes. Feeding the community is only the beginning.  To help people we have to understand the source of the problem why they really need help. and We can not help people unless they want to get help.

We wanted to challenge them. The purpose of the food pantry is to bring them in and help them improve their lives. We are looking at the long-term gain and a permanent fix. The solution here is to help them find a job-better job, write a better resume, get communication skill, transportation, get computer skill, conflict resolution,  money management, sourcing, health, a positive attitude, a good mindset… Is there any organization in the world able to do all that? Well, it takes a community to make it happen-we are working on it.

It will be really hard to teach kids to well-behaved or to change their mindset when their parents have a negative mindset. The ideas are teaching them the way of the watchmen. Show them how to support themselves so one day they able to support others. Stand up and do what is right-be a responsible person. We want them to become a productive citizen and improve their quality of life. We want to build a culture where we will learn to help one another. That is what it takes to build a better society and a safer community. Mind your own business is not a solution. Impossible to get rid of drug and crime without the collaboration of the community.

Along with the food pantry, we are planning to have an after-school program such as tutoring services for their kids, and help them apply grants for colleges. We want them to think and plan for their future.

“When I was growing up no one was there to offer me any advice. I have no idea of what I was doing for half a decade. I don’t want kids to go through life blindly as I did. And I don’t want kids to end up in prison like a lot of my friends and the people I know.” Lokus

Did you know 1 of 3 American will be arrested by the age of 23? Look at this picture of our youth, 4 of them will likely be in jail for making bad choices in life by the age of 23 unless we’re going to do something about it. With that being said, think of the damage they will be unleashed onto our community.

Look at them, innocent as it may seem, but if we can’t influence them to follow the way of the Watchmen 33% of them will end up in jail.

“I want to break their mindset from the environment that brought them up. I want to have a chance to influence them and their kids into thinking that there is no limitation to what they can do and do thing positively. Give them the support they need so they can reach their fullest potential.”Lokus

What we do, it seems like a lot with no funding and little resources but we will manage to make it work.  Simply because we are willing to take a loss for the greater of good. We are building a Watchmen Society using Watchmen principle to guide Watchmen Community. We need to help each other out. We expected the members to help each other out.  if you don’t like to help people you don’t belong here- you defeated the purpose of the Watchmen- We are very straightforward). We strive to be the greatest and the strongest organization in the world.

Besides doing things in the Des Moines, we have been providing funds to volunteers across the world supplied food to the orphans and street kids in a developing country. Something we passionate about. Once Watchmen be self-sustainable, We will have the Watchmen running across the world.

Watchmen provide food and supplements to the orphans in Vietnam. Great thanks to our Volunteers

I have nothing but a great determination to build a better society and a safer community.

Great thanks to our sponsors for supporting us at our last martial art demonstration.

Support our great cause. We believe together we are strong and we stay together when we are pursuing a common goal-a better society and safer community. Your support can start a new a new chapter in someone life.  Your support will change the world.


Thanks HyVee for the water!

Our Youth Martial Art Demo at CelebrAsian

Watchmen Community Center: Newly found since October 2018, providing food to students and the community.

Help us fix our window before the snow come

Criminal was destroying our windows overnight. Left kids training in the cold.

We are running a campaign on Gofundme to have our window fix

Help us any way you can. Donate, share, and tell the world about us.

Fox Tax Service announced will donate all profit to Watchmen this year.



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