The 100 Watchmen Project – The End of Bullying Era

The 100 Watchmen Project is a program designed to end bullying and influence the rest of the school to follow the way of the Watchmen. We focus on successfully training at least 10 students per school to run a Watchmen club inside each school.  The students will recruit and maintain at least 100 Watchmen members per school and influence the rest the students to follow the way of the Watchmen. We will provide training, support and resources for them to run the Watchmen club successfully. Their main objective is to stop bullying, correct bad behavior and influence the rest of the school and then the community.

We are partnering with Des Moines Public School. Everything now is possible. The only question is how fast can we do this. We leave that question for you to answer.  Do you believe this should be a priority? Should you support this program?

Understand this Analogy

We are weak as an individual. Together we are unstoppable. We must work together to solve a problem that can’t be solved since the beginning of time. This is the reason why we created The 100 Watchmen Project.

Why the 100 Watchmen Project Works?

“Together, we are strong and we stay together when we are pursuing a common goal”.

The Theory: Society will be defined by the majority. The 100 Watchmen Project will be the majority group in most school system. They will have the power and will influence the rest of the student in the school to do good and to become a better person. We want to make sure each kids to be able to stand up for themselves and others, to be healthier,  more successful, righteous, respectful and a useful person to our society.

Once  graduated from The 100 Watchmen Project’s program they will:

  • Become a role model for humanity
  • Be a better fighter
  • Become a better person
  • Making better life choices
  • Stand up for themselves and others
  • Acting with righteous and fairness
  • Become a healthier person
  • Be more conscious of themselves and society
  • Become a successful person
  • Become more useful to society
  • Become a positive influence to the community
  • Stop bullying
  • Stop crimes
  • Stop drug and clean up the community
  • Stop peer pressure
  • Stop poor thinking
  • Stop criminal like behavior

We are anti-drug, anti-crime, anti-bully, anti-violent, anti-cruelty, and anti-pollution.

We were created to watch over humanity by supporting, protecting, and preserving life.

We are working on developing many programs to make this happen. We have a long way to go. We can only walk one step at a time.


Through our actions and practices, we will help to improve individual health, stop bullying, reducing suicide rates, and crime rates thereby creating a better society and a safer community.

Bullying in school will soon come to an end once we get The 100 Watchmen Project established.

When we have The 100 Watchmen Project going, it will spread at an exponential rate. That is when The End of Bullying Era begin….

All the talks in the world will not change a single thing.

We are Watchmen, we take actions.

Join us and let’s build a better society and a safer community.

Will you help us build better programs  and more Watchmen Training Center?

Help us

Fox Tax Service announced will donate all profit to Watchmen this year.



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