Mario Hayslett

Mario Hayslett

Mario Hayslett is the Program Manager with the Watchmen. Mario comes with over 20 years of experience working with people who are disadvantaged in any way. He has worked as a Case Manager for Homeless families and Ex-offenders. He has counseled countless people to make life style changes that positively benefited them as well as their families. Mario believes in taking a holistic approach to life and changes that need to be made for a person to be there best in anything they choose to do. As motivator, coach, and counselor for the betterment of life. Using motivational interviewing along with a caring heart Mario’s is well known in his field of social work. Mario recently received his BA in Christian Counseling from Southwest Bible College and Seminary. He wanted to use his knowledge, compassion and life’s lesson to train others and be an example to those who might otherwise wind up on the wrong side of the law or society itself. As Program Manager Mario will oversee discussion groups with attendees and other team members. This training will come with role plays on how to get out of any situation that might escalate to violence. Avoiding a fight is important but being able to defend self and others is vital as well. Mario will also be discussing and giving students the opportunity to build respect for self and others. Being responsible and taking ownership of their behavior will be discussed often. He will discuss the aspect of caring for others. Being reliable and trustworthy is a character that will be discussed as well. With self-defense comes great restraint and resolve making sure this is what our trainees walk out of the door with. Healthy habits bring greats result that means rest, proper diet, studying and exercise will be implemented as well.
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