Lokus NGO

Lokus NGO

Mail: Lokus@watchmen.ngo
Lokus has defined himself as an entrepreneur. He has been running all kind of businesses over the last decade. He practically has done everything and has not been successful at everything he did. All of those failures and success give him many experiences and get access to a wide range of resources. He has a wide variety of experience in every field of work; from sales to marketing, graphic design, tax services, importing, outsourcing, printing and mailing services. A man who knows nothing and everything. His works are to make a living but his true passion is to make our society a better place, protecting the environment and saving the world. He is the founder of Watchmen and providing all financial support for our organization until we can be self-sustain. Lokus is also the martial artist- learning and teaching Muay Thai in the last 3 years.

“Once a man knows what he wants, he will move heaven and earth to get it.”


Violent Attack in front of Watchmen

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