Ken Phang

Ken Phang

Kennedy Phang is a young Vietnamese entrepreneur. He has over five years of experience working with small and large business projects. He launched four successful series of videos on social network video about Startup to help young Vietnamese with the desire to develop and change the country. He is also a public speaker and an influencer who helps many young Vietnamese chases their dreams and develop themselves through what he shares. Kennedy had held many important positions in volunteer organizations as well as charities in Vietnam. He used to be a president of CCX (a voluntary youth organization of thousands of members operating in central Vietnam) in 2012-2014. He also used to be a member of the board at NUX (a nationwide charitable organization operating mainly in the central and southern parts of Vietnam) in 2014-2015. Kennedy is one of the first Parkour athletes in Vietnam with over 4 years of experience. He is also a Martial artist with more than eight years of martial arts practice as well as fighting abilities and the ability to use martial art weapons such as nunchakus, bo-staff, escrima sticks. He joins Watchmen as it aligns with his goal in life. His goal is to build a better society through self-defense, MMA, martial arts, and Parkour. He is as well want to build an organization that helps righteous people be stronger. Stronger and righteous people will be the ones who stand up for the better society. He also wants to build the organization to help and raise orphans, homeless children become good people for society. “With Empathy and Support. Nothing is impossible.”
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