Our Works Will Lead To

The End of Bullying Era

The 100 Watchmen Project will be the end of bullying. Help us building a full size Watchmen Training Center.



Because we can

Help Us Keep Our Gym Open

Watchmen have been serving kids under the age of 18 at no cost to them. We are more focus on reaching out to the underprivileged kids because they needed help the most. In the effort of guiding them to a successful future and strengthen their mental and physical being. Currently, we are providing free guidance, stop bullying training, […]


Watchmen Training Center

We have been providing FREE training to children and young adults on stop bullying, self-defense, martial art, fitness and guidance at no cost. Our self-funded training center is limiting us on what we can do. We need to build a full-size training center to handle  “The 100 Watchmen Project” and the watching over humanity project. […]


Become a Volunteer

No one has ever
become a victim 
crime and bullying
by choice

We can stop this. A little bit of your time can make a different.

Become a Volunteer

Fox Tax Service announced will donate all profit to Watchmen this year.



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