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Watchmen is a non-governmental organization(NGO). It was created to watch over humanity by supporting, protecting and preserving life. Watchmen is a 501 c 3 IRS tax exempt. Your donation will be tax deductible. You can find us on IRS website

Our vision & mission: Watching over humanity by supporting, protecting and preserving life.

We started Watchmen organization because we see our world is falling apart and humanity is getting worse by the moment. More and more people mind their own business. People are not helping and looking out for each other. Not many are looking for the long-term effect of their actions.

We want to make a difference to our society. We want to stop hunger, crimes, and bullying, improve the quality of life and protect the environment.
Just like many organizations, we tried to change things, but it doesn’t matter what we do or how hard we tried, the moment we walk away everything will turn back to the way it was or even worse…Watchmen soon realized that the problem starts with the attitude and the perception of our society. Soon after, Watchmen focus on social transformation because we try to break mankind habit from a broken society.

We created the first Watchmen Training Center in Des Moines, IA  to recruit people,  train and transform them to become a watchman so they can watch over humanity.

Our current mission is to end bullies. We have initiated The 100 Watchmen Project. And will place them into the school system and the community to alter society behaviors…

Philosophy and analogy of the founder
Broken bottles in a parking lot: My office is next to a bar, every morning someone will have to clean up all the trash and broken bottles from the parking lot. And it has always been like that. It doesn’t matter how many time they cleaned and how well they did, the next day there will still be broken alcohol bottles and trashes on the parking. Do you see a problem here? That is what everyone is doing. Fixing things before their eyes without fixing the source of the problem. What kind of a person would throwing trash around because it’s not on their property? Aren’t you an ignorance when you see that happen and did nothing because it’s none of your business?

All we have to do is standing up to someone and correcting their irresponsible behavior, and we will never see a broken alcohol bottle or trash flying around ever again. Just like everything else in life. Fix the attitude, and the perception of our society and all the problem in the world will be solved. We need to stand up and voice up for what is right.

Become a Watchman, and the majority of problems in the world will be solved.
“Our organization is set up to convert the ordinary person into something great. We are 100% focus on social transformation. Without social transformation, all the thing that we do or trying to change is only for temporary. We must transform our corrupted society into a better society.”

It’s sad but too many people are living life without questioning…

“If Society does not think, then it can only follow”

Society is all about blending in with the majority. Always looking for the approval of their thoughts and actions. It doesn’t matter if it was right or wrong.

We are defining and rebuilding society with a new principal to lay a solid foundation for our generation, our kid’s generation, and the upcoming generations.

The moment that changed me forever
2009 I was in a foreign country, in a coffee shop with a couple of friend from elementary school. There are around 50 customers in the shop. As we were drinking coffee, a group around 8 young men and women drinking coffee a few tables away from us. A few moments later there is a guy from that group keep on slapping a girl over and over again on her head and face and no one show any respond as if there is nothing happening. I asked the couple local guy I’m with, should we do something about it? They said, “Mind your own business, don’t get involved, you don’t want to be in trouble. Those thugs you don’t want to mess with”. I wanted to intervene, but I wasn’t ready for that and didn’t know what to do. I was sitting there thinking. I’m outnumbered, have no skill, in an unknown environment, could get hurt or get killed. I was cowardly and hopelessly sitting there watching that guy beat that girl up for a few minutes then he stops. She sat there quietly holding her hands against her face with tears. A couple of minutes later he is beating her again until she passed out and they carry her away.

I don’t know what that was all about, but I will never forget that moment. I so often looked at myself in that very moment, knowing I was weak and a coward and not able to stand up for anyone. That is not the type person that I am. I regret not being able to stand up for her. I realized I had been a part of a broken society, that is nonresponsive and care too much about ourselves. I will not accept the kind of society we live in today. That is why Watchmen was created to watch over humanity by supporting, protecting, and preserving life.

The Rise of the Watchmen
Since then I was on a journey looking for ways to make our community better. I worked on theories and looking at the world as a whole. I see that it’s much easier to rebuild society from scratch but in reality that won’t work because we will have to get rid of a lot of people in this world. So the only option I see best is to altering society. That is why I created The 100 Watchmen Project.

The more people I talked to about the issue with our society, I’m even more convinced that our world needs a lot of help. An average person would not think about society as a whole and how every action we take could start a chain of actions. In general, people don’t think about how to improve the quality of life for everyone. Normally, people don’t think about standing up for what is right. But worry not, all hope is not lost. I slowly recruited one by one to join the Watchmen. There are Watchmen among us. We just need to find them and train others to become a Watchmen.

Funding My Vision
For the longest time, I wanted to stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves and help keep everyone safe. I wanted to help those who can’t help themselves and protect our environment but for lack of skills, financial support and resources to get it started. I have been an entrepreneur for over a decade trying practically everything. In recent years I was able to run a tax company Fox Tax Service and able to save up some money. Now I decided to give away all of my money to start Watchmen charity.

People barely know me think I’m crazy, why would you use up all of your money to run a nonprofit organization. Believe me, it actually requires someone that is crazy enough to make this happen. People insisted that I should focus on making a lot of money and when I’m retired I can start a nonprofit organization. I just don’t see it that way because I can wait 40 years but kids getting bullied can’t wait, and the hungry kids on the street will be long dead by then. The world needs us now, not 40 years later. I believe I can make a difference now. This is why I’m willing to give away everything I ever earned. I don’t think anything is more important than to build a better society and lay a solid foundation for our future, our kid’s futures and the upcoming generations.

Being an entrepreneur I earned more money than I needed. My money is only enough to support the Watchmen in the early stage. To take the organization to the next level, I need public support. Eventually, I will bring Watchmen organization to a self-sustainable stage.

I hope one day the world will see the value in my effort, join in and support our organization in making our society better because we are all in this together.

Our Team

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Fox Tax Service announced will donate all profit to Watchmen this year.



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